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Why Certify as a Cycle Friendly Employer?

Affordable, Clean & Healthy

A simple solution for workplace decarbonisation, improving employee health and social engagement.

More than 500 employers across Europe have already reduced greenhouse gas emissions with our suite of action plans and measures.

Demonstrate your contribution to the environment and wellbeing.

State provided cycling infrastructure

Ireland has a Transport Decarbonisation Challenge

By 2030, the European Climate Law obliges the EU to decrease net greenhouse emissions by a minimum of 55%. This requirement directly affects organisations and their carbon footprints and disclosure reporting in the workplace. Many organisations are actively searching for ways to lower their emissions, particularly within the transport sector, which is a significant contributor to pollution. Cycling presents an accessible and affordable solution for to reduce both Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions.

Ireland has the highest Per Capita CO2 emissions in Europe from Fossil Fuels and Industry with Road Transport accounting for 94% of transport emissions

The National Household Travel Survey found that the primary reason for travel, accounting for 20% of trips, is business and work-related. This highlights the significant role employers play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

By becoming an certified employer that promotes cycling and active travel riding, you gain a deeper understanding of the positive influence it can have on your company. This certification provides you with the guidance and assistance necessary to effectively reduce carbon emissions, while also enjoying the rewards of improved health and productivity.

Decarbonisation for Irleland and the whole planet

How many journeys can your organisation perform by riding a bike?

Ireland needs more employees riding a bike for commuting and business travel to meet Government and EU Targets.

Electric vehicles will not solve Ireland’s commitment to carbon reduction. To meet EU legislation and Irelands Climate Action Plan other Sustainable Mobility transport modes are needed including Active Travel including cycle commuting and bike business travel.

Active Travel Definition

Using cycling, walking, or using a wheelchair to travel to a work, business trips, visiting shops, or going to see friends and family.


Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan objective is to decrease the overall distance travelled in all car trips as part of the reduction target.


Emission Decreases

The emission decrease by riding a bike instead of using a car for short trips


Changing Travel Plan

People who would swap the car for walking, cycling and public transport for journeys less than 2 kilometres.

Cycling is not only for carbon reduction

You don’t need to be a cyclist to ride a bike. Riding a bike is a mode of transport.

Cycle Friendly Employer delivers has the hidden benefits of wellbeing and employee engagement in the workplace

Being certified as a cycle friendly employer focuses your organisation and workplace on how cycling can add value, support your culture, and enhance your organisation with policies and strategy to enable riding a bike as a mode of transport.

Many employees already ride a bike for leisure, sport and recreation but perhaps do not ride to work or those who do ride already feel the current conditions and facilities need to be improved to support their experience.

Businesses, education, local authorities, government, and non-profits who certify gain the following benefits:

Improve Health & Wellbeing – Engaging in cycling lowers the chances of developing conditions like diabetes, certain types of cancer, heart diseases, mental health and depression. Taking part in regular physical activity provides numerous advantages for health & wellbeing. The European Cyclist Federation estimates the savings from less sickness absence and living longer lives to be £78 million

Attract Talent and boost employee engagement – Employees wish to work for organisations that connect to their own values and behaviours. The The Gen Z and Millennial Survey by Deloitte found that the two largest workforce populations expect employers to take significant action to promote sustainability and actively involve employees. Additionally  A Healthy Workplace Ireland study found that the provision of cycling facilities was expected by employees.

Delivers Workplace Productivity – Incorporating initiatives that promote cycling in the workplace fosters a workforce that is healthier and more energised, resulting in enhanced productivity. This leads to heightened levels of attentiveness, improved focus, and an overall greater feeling of wellness. According to the Health Workplace Survey conducted by Cork University Business School, it is reported that 76% of employers acknowledge their responsibility towards Workplace Mental Health. However, only 20% of them allocate a budget specifically for mental health initiatives.

Meet ESG and reduce emissions – Walking and Cycling reduce an organisations carbon footprint, Research by MaREI – SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine Research found if 45% of all journeys under six kilometres were completed by cycling or walking instead of driving, annual transport related carbon dioxide emissions would decrease by 0.12 million tonnes of emissions in one year. Calculations by the European Cyclists Federation found cycling carbon savings of 250g per passenger-kilometer creating a significant reduction to business travel in the workplace.


Throughout your certification process, we will provide guidance and support to help you experience the advantages of cycling. Our goal is to work with you in developing your strategic plan that encourages behavioural changes within your workplace, so that you can fully enjoy the benefits that cycling brings to your organisation.

The Cycle Friendly Employer Certification plaque and digital logo serve as evidence that an organisation is dedicated to promoting cycling in its workplace. By becoming a cycle friendly employer, you are not only obtaining a certification but also making a long-term commitment to making a positive impact to the climate and your people.  This commitment extends beyond the three-year certification program and sends a clear message to employees, customers, visitors, and suppliers about your dedication to cycling and bike riding.

Commuting by bike Cycle Friendly Employer