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Begin certification by signing up to use our measurement tool and submitting a self evaluation survey. This is the initial step in the process where you provide information about your workplace.

You can modify, save, and update your self evaluation survey as you gather information before submitting it and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Alternatively you can complete the form below to find out more from a Workplace Cycling Expert. 

Once you have completed the self evaluation a Workplace Cycling Expert, we will provide you with a summary report including your initial recommendations,  invite you to a webinar and help you schedule an onsite audit.

NOTE: the self-eveluation forms work best on desktops and laptops and not on tablet and mobile. On Laptop, for the best user experience, make sure your browser window is maximised to see the Start Your Online Evaluation and login buttons. 

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Robert Kelly Talks About His Experience on DBFL Becoming a Cycle Friendly Employer

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