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How to Become a Cycle Friendly Employer

Easily measure and learn how to improve your response to Cycling and Active Travel bike transport in your workplace.

Organisations who become a cycle friendly employer recognise the importance and value of cycling in achieving net zero and sustainability as well as improving employee health.

“We have experienced a huge increase in the use of our cycling facilities with our bike racks full most days”

Department for Transport

Central Bank of Irleand getting gold accreditation Cycle Friendly Employer

Tailored services and support

Self Evaluation Survey

Measure performance and define your cycling roadmap.

Summary Report

Influence behavioural change by implementing your recommendations.

Site Audit

Verify your performance & gain independent verification.

Certification Report

Develop your mobility strategy and increase Cycling engagement.


Continue to track your performance every three years.

Workplace Cycle expert

Support and guidance thoughout your certification.

Certification encompasses every aspect of bike riding and active travel cycling, including commuting, business travel, recreational riding, competitive cycling, cargo bikes and inclusive practises for those with disabilities or mobility challenges.

Process Timeline

Getting Cycling Friendly Employer Certification timeline

Week 1

Self Evaluation
Receive recommendations. Develop a roadmap and action plan.

Week 2

Introduction webinar with Workplace Cycling Expert. Schedule your onsite Audit.

Week 3

Verify your certification and receive a tailored report.

Week 4

Share your certification and implement action plan.

Year 1 & 2

Annual Review
Review action plan.Circulate engagement calendar.


Year 3

Measure your performance and improve your Cycle Friendly Employer reward


Be Rewarded & Gain Recognition Within 30 Days

The first step to become a Cycling Friendly Employer is to complete the free self evaluation on our dedicated website platform. Benefit from our platform that captures your information and measures your score which can be completed within 15 minutes. Save your information as you progress and come back to complete at any time.

Being certified is a journey of development and improvement as you progress as a cycle friendly employer you will be supported by your Workplace Cycling Expert from Bronze to Gold.

Following evaluation and your audit we will provide actionable recommendations, best practice guidance, products and services to help you increase workplace cycling.

Gold Meda ceritfication for Cycle Friendly Employer
Silver Meda ceritfication for Cycle Friendly Employer
Bronze Meda ceritfication for Cycle Friendly Employer

The Framework

Developed by the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) following funding from the European Commission. the certification framework complements behavioural science to influence Active Travel.

Through the framework we will help you measure, monitor, and influence the bike for travel and transport to decarbonise your organisation and become a healthy cycle friendly employer.

Most firms achieve certification on their first application and should expect to receive at least a Bronze level certification. We will support you in strengthening your score and award level as you continue through the process of becoming a Cycle Friendly Employer. Even organisations that receive a Gold rating will have actions to take in order to increase their score and improve opportunities to benefit from cycling in the workplace.

Certification framework  grraphic

Sample Questions Asked During The Certification Process

Information: Do you participate in annual bike week?

Coordination: What financial funding support do you provide employees?

Services: What bike tools do provide?

Facilities: How many bike storage facilities do you have and what is the capacity?

Car Parking Management: Have you considered using bikes for business travel?

Customer: Do you provide customers access to cycling facilities?

4 Steps to Become a Cycle Friendly Employer

1. Self Evaluation

Complete the free evaluation form.We will assess your information and we will make recommendations within 48 hours to get your certification started.

2. Engagement

We will meet you to schedule an onsite audit to become certified. We will guide you through certification from bronze to gold within 3 years. You’ll start to plan a roadmap and engage with your teams and people to become certified.

3. Audit

A Workplace Cycling Advisor will schedule an onsite audit to assess your evaluation and document evidence before being certified. Following the audit we will provide a holistic assessment of your workplace including guidance and recommendations to support engagement and reduce carbon emissions.

4. Certification

Following your onsite audit your certification score will be officially confirmed and you will be awarded as a Cycle Friendly Employer. We will meet with you on an annual basis to hear about your progress and guide you with implementing actions to increase your score in preparation for your recertification in three years.

Self Evaluation

The journey to becoming a cycle friendly employer begins with an online Self Evaluation Survey to gain insight, calculate a potential score, and identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

You will be asked questions from the six categories of the Cycling Friendly Employer Framework: Information, coordination, services, facilities, car parking management, and customers.

To complete the survey, first sign up for our online platform. Once you are signed up, you can start completing the survey. Your information will be saved as you progress, so you can come back to complete it later if you need to.

Once completed, submit the survey for review, your Workplace Cycling Expert will contact you within 48 hours with your personalised recommendations.


Following receipt of your Self Evaluation Survey, we will send you a Summary Report that includes actionable recommendations, your potential total performance score.

At this point, we will schedule a webinar to review your results and provide you with a breakdown of the certification fees.

Before scheduling an onsite audit to confirm certification, we request payment of the certification fee for the first year. The certification fee is paid annually and is valid for three years from the date you are certified as a cycle friendly employer.

Consultation and engagement process of becoming a Cycle Friendly Employer


After you have confirmed you wish to proceed and become a certified Cycle Friendly Employer, we will schedule an onsite site audit.

You will be required to produce evidence from your completed self-evaluation in Step 1, as well as additional evidence to support your certification, during the audit.

This is an opportunity for you to improve your score and demonstrate any progress you have made since Stage 1, and to consult with your Workplace Cycling Expert to explore further solutions and opportunities.

Self eveluation audit for your cycle friendly employer application


After the audit, your designated Workplace Cycling Expert will confirm your certification as a Cycle Friendly Employer. We will then arrange for a digital assets and a physical plaque to be presented to your organisation.

These digital assets will include a symbol for your website to promote your certification. The plaque will be a physical reminder of your achievement that you can display in your workplace. You can use these materials to show your employees and the community that you are committed to making your workplace more cycle friendly. If you wish we can upload your organisation logo on to our website demonstrating your achievement.

A presentation opportunity is also available and can be scheduled once the certification is completed and uploaded on to our website.

Business of Cycling event at the Custom House

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who can Certify?

Any organisation can become certified a cycle friendly employer. We work with all types of organisations, industry, size and locations.

+ I am concerned we are not ready, will we receive an award first time?

Do not worry if your feel your not ready to be certified we will help you receive an award first time during the certification process.

Most organisations receive a Bronze certification as a minimum at the first attempt.

If you feel questions do not apply to your organisation during the self evaluation you can state it is not applicable and your score will be adjusted to reflect.

+ How is my organisation score calculated?

Each category of the framework has a maximum score and each question has a weighting based on the influence it has on employees.

For example have cycle storage is weighted high as without being able to store a bike at your workplace the chances of an employee riding to work are low.

+ Do you cover all locations in Ireland?

Yes, our certification is the European Workplace Cycling Standard, and we provide national certification in Ireland licenced by the European Cyclist Federation.

+ Do I need to re-certify?

The certification lasts for three years and a re-certification takes place at the end of the term.

During the three year period you have opportunities to increase your score and improve your award level through your learnings as a cycle friendly employer.

Schedule a meeting to explore further