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ESB Making Waves as a Cycle-Friendly Employer

Mar 6, 2023

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Cycling Solutions Ireland were delighted to present ESB with Gold Cycling-Friendly Employer accreditation last week. ESB welcomed Michael O’Boyle CEO of Cycling Solutions Ireland to their head office, Fitzwilliam 27, to present gold-certification to Pat Fenlon, Executive Director, ESB Customer Solutions and designated Road Safety Sponsor.

The event was hosted by Brian Gray, ESB Sustainability Coordinator, and featured several ESB employees discussing different aspects of cycling – inside and outside of work.

Achieving a gold standard illustrates that ESB’s Fitzwilliam 27 is in line with the best workplaces in Europe for designing cycling and active commuting as an important part of the actions that organisations must take to transition to a #NetZero economy.

Outside of their Fitzwilliam Square premises, ESB are hard at work laying the groundwork for the electrification of transport, by offering an accessible and sustainable solution for people to travel around Dublin city. ESB eBikes is part of the European eHUBs project and is funded by Interreg NWE. ESB work with mobility solution providers, Bleeper and Moby, and all four Local Authorities in Dublin to provide sustainable travel options to Dublin’s commuters.

To learn more about ESB’s ebikes initiative, click here.

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