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Mar 30, 2023

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Cycling Solutions Ireland has partnered with Brompton Bikes and Cycling Ireland to launch a new Cycle to Work scheme for graduates across Ireland. As the country’s only EU certified Cycle Friendly Employer (CFE) accreditor, Cycling Solutions Ireland aims to promote sustainable transport and make it easier for workplaces to take advantage of the cost benefits of cycling to work and business travel

Under the scheme, employers will have access to Brompton’s top-of-the-range C Line bike, a classic model with three easy-to-use hub gears, mudguards, and built-in dynamo lights on the front and back. The Brompton bike is also designed to be taken on all forms of public transport, including the Bus, DART or Luas, providing maximum flexibility.

Michael O’Boyle, CEO of Cycling Solutions Ireland says the new initiative is a win-win situation for both graduates and employers. “By offering this benefit to employers and employees, we hope to encourage sustainable transport options and make it easier leaving the car at home and cycling to the workplace while having the freedom to bring their foldable Brompton Bike on all forms of public transport,” he said. “Employers can enjoy scope 3 emissions savings and attractive tax savings while their employees can enjoy a healthier, more flexible commute.”

Graduates who sign up for the scheme will receive a free Cycling Ireland CFE Commuter membership, which includes insurance coverage. The membership aims to provide graduates with the confidence they need to cycle to work safely and securely, while keeping fit and beating the cost of living crisis.

“Cycling Ireland are delighted to collaborate with CFE to offer their clients and their employees the reassurance and benefits that come with our Commuter Membership. As well as attractive retail discounts, it also offers peace of mind for the employee when commuting by bike,” explains Paul Norton, Cycling Ireland’s Get Ireland Cycling Officer. “CFE have been very successful in influencing a shift in cultural change towards active travel and we are very excited to be involved with their latest initiative, that of the Brompton scheme.”

The scheme costs €99 per month, excluding VAT, and has a minimum lease period of six months, after which the employer will be billed bi-monthly in advance. Electric bikes are also available at an additional cost of €15 per week. Additionally, the scheme includes Brompton bike insurance for theft and/or damage, as well as a six-monthly Brompton bike service.

Julian Scriven, CEO of Brompton Bikes, expressed excitement about the partnership and the opportunity to offer more people the chance to experience the benefits of cycling. “Working with Cycling Solutions Ireland to offer graduates and employees a bike is a fantastic way to do that – and marks the start of our work in Ireland,” he said.

To learn more about this excellent opportunity, contact us at [email protected]