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Department of Transport achieves gold Cycle Friendly Employer status encouraging Ireland’s workplaces to reduce carbon emissions.

Minister Ryan’s department includes CFE in the National Sustainable Mobility Policy (2022-2025)

Apr 12, 2022

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The Department of Transport has today been accredited as a gold Cycle Friendly Employer. Recognising the Department’s commitment to creating a cycle-friendly workplace for staff and visitors, Cycling Solutions Ireland is delighted to confirm the Department’s gold accreditation and congratulate the team for their achievement.

Cycling facilities including showers, drying rooms, bike parking and maintenance stands were updated and a programme for cycling promotion amongst staff, including a dedicated cycling intranet site, has been introduced to educate and support staff who wish to cycle to work.

The Department’s accreditation coincides with the announcement of Ireland’s new National Sustainable Mobility Policy which includes the Cycle Friendly Employer programme. Employers across Ireland will be encouraged to gain the EU Active Travel cycle friendly certification and help their employees to choose the bike as a sustainable, safe, and healthy commute option.

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan TD said: “I believe the Civil Service has a significant role to play as sustainability leaders, supporting more of us to cycle to work and to meetings. This gold standard accreditation highlights the Department of Transport’s own strong ethos and commitment to reducing our transport related carbon emissions as we work towards realising the targets outlined in the Climate Action Plan. If we are to chart the course for carbon neutrality by 2050, we all have to take action. I am pleased that those who work in my Department are encouraged and supported in travelling to work by active means.”

Minister of State Hildegarde Naughton TD said: “The Department has been recognised as leading the way to a green and sustainable workplace. Cycling is an environmentally friendly way to commute to work and it is one of the best ways to reduce our carbon emissions. Sustainable mobility is not only critical to the climate agenda but is also offers an opportunity to improve employee wellbeing and I would encourage other public and private bodies to works towards accreditation.”

Michael O’Boyle, CEO of Cycling Solutions Ireland said “We’re delighted to award gold cycle-friendly accreditation to the Department of Transport. The goal of the CFE programme is to enable and encourage employees to choose the bike over the car and the Department of Transport, along with other Government Departments, is leading the way to decarbonising the workplace. The new National Sustainable Mobility Policy will help employers to reduce carbon emissions and improve employees’ health and well-being and we’re proud to be working with the Department, the National Transport Authority and our European colleagues to create a carbon neutral future.”

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