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Active Travel Facilities & Services for the Built Environment

Attract developers, retailers, hotels, tenants and property owners.
Is your building secure and safe? Will it be utilised?

Gain support with building, property and developments within the built environment to deliver cycling facilities.

We offer design support and accessibility surveys that help you operate your buildings especially considering inclusivity to ensure usage and longevity.

Gain understanding of the solutions available to support Net Zero Carbon Buildings.

Key Principles

  • Gain knowledge on Cycle Parking Design and Security
  • Learn about cycle parking product developments
  • Verify design before construction to prevent unnecessary costs
  • Capture accessibility advice and best practice guidance to ensure usage
  • Receive independent assurance before construction and retrofitting
Cycle Friendly Infrasstructure


What tangible facilities does your building have? These include bike racks, clothing lockers, showers and way-finding. Can tenants access the facilities freely and easily?

Engagement Services

What active travel services are available for the people in your building? This includes bike servicing, laundry services and active travel user groups.

Future Proofing

Do you have a plan in place for the growth in active travel? Can your tenants be confident that their building is as future proof as possible?

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